Tutorial 1 – Pressurised air leak indicator

Pressurised air leaks, preparation

  • Check whether indicator is charged
  • Prepare tools (basic kit)
    • 24mm spanner
    • Sealing tape
    • Saw blade for abrading
    • Pliers
    • Set of Allen wrenches
  • Get spare parts organised (basic kit)
    • Sealed couplings (or unsealed)
    • Various hoses and sleeving
    • Valves
    • Compressed-air pistol
  • If required, digital camera
  • Notepad and pen to document the spotted leak

Tutorial 2 – Infrared camera

Infrared camera, preparation

  • Check if infrared camera is charged
    • Depending on task, take along both lenses (if available)
  • Check digital camera
  • Notepad and for documentation
  • Check if transmission cable (USB cable) is there