Positive feedback on the ebm-papst energy scouts

National politicians praise the energy scouts project

Politicians such as the former vice-chancellor Phillip Rösler, the former environment minister Peter Altmaier and Cem Özdemir (federal chairman of Alliance '90/The Greens) have praised the commitment of the energy scouts.

"The Energy Scouts are contributing to the company philosophy being well and truly alive within the company, but through my on-site discussions I found out that the Energy Scouts’ identification with their tasks goes beyond the company boundaries. They are passionate when it comes to using energy more efficiently. If you want to make young people aware of a concern, you must also let them make their own way - practice makes perfect. The Energy Scouts is a great idea."

Cem Özdemir, Member of the German Bundestag,
Chairman of the Green Party

National and international media coverage of the energy scouts

Newsletter of the federal government

Reports about the energy scouts have appeared in regional newspapers such as the Heilbronner Stimme as well as on TV programmes broadcast nationwide, such as ART Reportage, ZDF Blickpunkt and 3SAT nano. International media outlets have also reported on the ebm-papst energy scouts: in 2011 the Japanese TV channel NHK TV broadcast a report about three young energy scouts from Mulfingen, the headquarters of the ebm-papst group.

The report focused on Germany's dual vocational training system and apprentice projects in which the apprentices organise themselves and take on responsibility.

The German government mentioned the energy scouts in 2013 in its newsletter on energy for Germany as a positive example of environmental protection, and the VDMA sustainability initiative Blue Competence added the energy scouts to its lists of examples of best practice.

Acclaim and awards for the ebm-papst energy scouts

The next big milestone for the Energyscouts. In 2017, the project was nominated for the world's biggest environmental prize, the so-called GreenTec-Awards.Whether they will win the prize will decide on May 12, 2017 in Berlin.

In 2012 the energy scouts project was one of 365 landmark projects acclaimed in the "Germany: Land of Ideas" campaign. The energy scouts also played a role in helping ebm-papst to win the German Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2012 and the German Sustainability Award in 2013. In 2014 the German Energy Agency (dena) recommended that the energy scouts were worth emulating and awarded the project its Good Practice label .

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