The ebm-papst energy scouts project for apprentices

Apprentices have been looking for ways to save energy at ebm-papst since 2010.

The energy scouts project was launched at ebm-papst in November 2010: On their own initiative and equipped with useful technology, young apprentices look for ways to save even more energy.
Whether compressed air is escaping or heat is being lost, the energy scouts find the leaks and repair them.

The project also has the effect of sensitizing the young people to climate protection. They get first-hand experience of how energy can be saved, and the environment thus protected, even by minor measures such as replacing a seal. The energy scouts act on this new knowledge not just at work but at home as well, resulting in an energy-saving snowball effect: a few people start to save energy and inspire those around them, who then do the same and inspire other people, who in turn go on to fill others with enthusiasm for saving energy and protecting the climate.

With the energetic help of the Energyscouts of all German locations, the trainee project could save energy costs of more than 1.000.000 euros.

The energy scouts project has been so successful in different parts of the ebm-papst group that the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) adopted the training programme this year. A total of 66 chambers of commerce and industry all over Germany are now training over 5000 apprentices in many different companies to be Energyscouts.

LiveCall with Alexander Gerst

Anja Hermann talking to Alexander Gerst in Künzelsau, Germany

Around 5,000 people waited on 26 July 2018 in Künzelsauer Hauptstraße for the LiveCall with probably the most famous person from Künzelsau - Alexander Gerst. While the spectators were able to spend their time on stage or at numerous stands until the LiveCall with the supporting programme, the stage fright became noticeable at Energiescout Anja Hermann. A few minutes before the phone call with Gerst, the 20-year-old sat behind the stage and went through her question one last time. "As an energy scout I already had some interviews with the press or gave lectures, for example at the COP23 in Bonn, but to speak in front of so many people is a completely new experience.

However, she had not considered the question that Anja asked the esa astronaut from Künzelsau on her own: "I am glad that so many colleagues took part. That really helped us to formulate the question. On the intranet, all colleagues had had the opportunity to send their questions to "Astro-Alex". The energy scouts then jointly developed the question on the basis of the proposals submitted:

"It's been four years since you last went into space. From outer space you have the best view of our earth. What external changes have you noticed regarding the environment and climate change? Can you see, for example, the plastic waste from the oceans that is currently often the subject of discussion? As an energy scout, I would also like to know if and what research activities are being carried out on the International Space Station ISS against global warming.

In his detailed answer, Gerst reported on the research activities that are intended to help understand climate change better: "For example, we are conducting experiments aimed at gaining a better understanding of sedimentation processes. In this way we learn how our earth filters CO2 from the atmosphere," explains Gerst. "For example, we have some sensors on board the ISS that help us observe the Earth's climate. But even if you just look out of the window, Gerst continues, you can still see the cleared rainforests, dried up lakes or melted glaciers.

GreenTec Awards

The next big milestone for the successful trainee project is the nomination for the 2017 GreenTec-Awardsin Berlin. The ebm-papst EnergyScouts was nominated among the Top-3 projects in their category.

UN Climate Conference Bonn

On November 6, 2017, on the occasion of the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), two EnergyScouts from Mulfingen presented the trainee project to approximately 80 representatives from business, politics and media.