Energy-saving fans for refrigerated cases and refrigerated counters

In refrigerated counters, for example those found in supermarkets, two fans per running metre are usually used to cool the groceries. These fans run almost non-stop around the clock. Through use of efficient fans, significant energy savings can be attained here.

Energy saving fans for refrigerated cases and refrigerated counters

W1G200 energy-saving axial fan

W1G200 energy-saving axial fan

In contrast to conventional shaded-pole motors with their significantly poorer efficiency, the energy-saving fans from ebm-papst achieve an efficiency of over 65 %, which reduces energy consumption down to 1/3. Moreover, the aerodynamically optimised fans work very quietly and effectively. Motor speeds can be set over a programming interface. Their compact design permits space-saving and, above all, simple installation.

The iQ motor as a replacement for shaded-pole motors

iQ motor

Existing applications can also be upgraded without problems. For this case, ebm-papst offers energy-efficient iQ motors, which are mechanically compatible with existing shaded-pole motors and which have a high efficiency of up to 65 % and the same installation dimensions, allowing a straightforward 1:1 exchange. Axial impellers with a diameter of 154 to 254 mm can be fitted in the same way on the iQ motor to create an energy-efficient solution. The intelligent electronics regulate voltage fluctuations so that the speed remains constant. Many renowned supermarket chains are already making use of this environmentally and economically beneficial option for 1:1 replacement.